About Mirjam

Mirjam Baruch was born in Amsterdam, 1959 and has been a nurse since 1981, specifically in Neonatology (Premature and ill babies) -, Obstetrics (care for mothers after birth or caesarian section) -, and a midwifery nurse. Her work entails answering numerous questions from new parents about breastfeeding and caring for the precious newborns.

Mirjam herself is mother of 2 children, both born with a cesarean section. Both are now adults. When she was a new mother, there weren’t many lactation consultants around, and she, therefore, didn’t get the proper care, attention and advise that she needed to successfully breastfeed her children. This gave her the motivation to become an expert on breastfeeding related matters, to be able to give other mothers the care and advise she herself missed so much.

Mirjam has the following education:

  • Certified Nurse at the VU academic hospital, Amsterdam
  • Neonatology nurse
  • Medical teacher
  • Teacher nurse at the Midwife school
  • Asthma & COPD nurse
  • Diabetes Nurse
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • IBCLC lactation consultant
  • Shantala baby massage teacher
  • Baby sling consultant

BIG registered (Ministry of health in Holland) : 89002994130

IBCLC L-83266