Certified Baby Masseuse

Babymasseuse Amsterdam Certified Baby Masseuse

For babies, physical contact at the beginning of their life is important. Baby massage stimulates development and reduces stress in babies It is a great way for parents to have physical contact with their baby. Especially for fathers it is a great way to be busy with your baby.

Learn to massage your baby. Mirjam will come to your home when it suits you. Mirjam works in Amsterdam and surroundings. Up to about an hour’s drive from Amsterdam: Utrecht, Hilversum, Haarlem and everything in between. It is also possible in groups of up to 4 babies. Knowing more? please contact

Benefits of baby massage

Baby massage has many advantages, both for the baby and for the parent. A calming baby massage promotes the bond between parent and child. This is mainly due to the intense eye contact and the touch.
Baby massage stimulates development, reduces stress, reduces intestinal cramps, promotes bowel movements, gives rest, promotes blood circulation to the skin, improves sleeping and reduces crying.

In addition, baby massage is a very nice way to better understand each other’s body language

Start with baby massage

When your baby is 4 weeks old, it is safe to start baby massage. Earlier you can give partial massage. Mirjam will explain this to you exactly. Baby massage is especially recommended for children between the second and seventh month of life. Children older than 7 months are often mobile and want to go their own way.
Preferably massage your baby with 100% natural baby oil to prevent reactions.
Mirjam advises you on this.

When baby massage?

You can do baby massage at any time of the day. But it is important that both of you are ready. So not if you are in a hurry or if your baby is hungry or unwell, (sick or just vaccinated)
For children who are very restless or have sleeping problems, a relaxing massage before going to sleep can help. Tensions in the body are removed and it makes falling asleep easier.
Parents quickly notice whether their child likes the massage. The baby is relaxed and you see them enjoying it

Do you live in Amsterdam or in the Amsterdam area?

Mirjam will be happy to visit you to learn your baby massage techniques. Simply at your home or at another desired location. You usually do not need more than one or two lessons to master the technique. Your child will absolutely love it! Would you like to learn baby massage? Look on the website for further information about Mirjam and contact with her for an appointment. You can call her, Appen or send an Email.